Oklahoma City Brunch: Stitch Cafe

The Oklahoma City brunch scene is thriving, and Stitch Cafe is proof of it! I decided to try the restaurant in the West Village with a few friends of mine the other day. When you see the menu, it might remind you of Okay Yeah Co. That’s because Chad Grubbs, who was the owner, now owns Stitch Cafe. His wife Jen owns the Plant Shoppe.

The first thing you notice when you step into Stitch is how open everything is. There are lots of windows that provide natural light. The furniture and the walls are all earth-toned. And you’ll notice the Plant Shoppe on the other side. The atmosphere invokes feelings of peacefulness and tranquility.

Coffee and Appetizers

Oklahoma city brunch

We started out our brunch with some lattes. Stitch gets their coffee from Merit Coffe Co. I ordered a Matcha Latte with oat milk. It had a smooth earthy taste. If you like matcha, this is one to get! My friend got a Turmeric Latte with almond milk. It had turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. My friend said it was spicy! She had to ask for some honey to neutralize the powdery spices. Another customer suggested adding more milk to it. After she fixed those kinks, it got a lot tastier!

For an appetizer, we had to try a homemade hand tart. We got a blueberry hand tart, and it was divine. Pastry lovers! This is for you. I could eat ten of these in one sitting. The crust was buttery and the perfect consistency-not too crunchy, but not soggy. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture of our tart. I guess you’ll just have to visit Stitch and try one for yourself!

The main dishes

Oklahoma city brunch

Avocado Toast

For the main course, I ordered the Avocado Toast. Let me tell you: Best avocado toast. Ever. At most places, avocado toast consists of a couple of measly pieces of bread with a tiny amount of avocado thrown on top. But not at Stitch. I mean look at that picture! It looks like they put a whole avocado per slice of bread. Yeah! Oh, and the goat cheese. Yum! I love goat cheese. I could eat it like ice cream. It also came with microgreens from Prairie Earth Gardens. The microgreens added a little bit of texture to the toast. Then it was all drizzled with balsamic vinegar from The Oil Tree. The only thing it was missing was an egg.

The Burrito

Oklahoma city brunch

One of my friends got The Burrito. She was very impressed with it. A flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, sweet potato, black beans, white cheddar, served with avocado pico and a side of hashbrowns. She added bacon, but you can choose your own protein. It also came with a delicious miso-based sauce. She said it was the most unique palate of flavors, but somehow they all worked together. Personally, I don’t care for burritos- it’s the beans- but I’m glad she tried it.

Build Your Own Breakfast

Oklahoma city brunch

My other friend ordered a build your own. He did bacon, sausage, a waffle, and a scrambled egg. He said it was tasty! The best way to judge a brunch place is with the classics. Well, Stitch makes the mark in every way. Even though it was a simple meal, my friend said he left feeling satisfied.

We had a wonderful experience at Stitch Cafe. And I can’t wait to go back! I want to try ALL of their lattes and some more of their dishes. If you are looking for a new brunch place, I suggest Stitch!

I run an Instagram page where I post about restaurants I’ve tried (including Stitch). Feel free to follow me there @oklahoma_foodblogger. Have you been to Stitch? What’s your favorite thing to eat?

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