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OKC Coffee: Landing Coffee Company

Happy Foodie Friday! For today’s Oklahoma City spotlight, we are talking about the locally-owned AND female-owned (We love to see it!) Landing Coffee Company. It started off as a mobile espresso bar in 2018 and opened as a storefront in November 2019. Landing Coffee Company is located in the Bridge Church in Bricktown. In my opinion, Landing Coffee Company is without a doubt the best coffee shop in Oklahoma City. The atmosphere is very cozy. They have comfy chairs and couches making it a great place to study and read. They have great lattes, teas, and food!

the Lattes

coffee shop in OKC. 
latte in black mug

For me, with any coffee shop, the main focus is the lattes. Luckily, Landing hits the spot with all of their lattes. They get their coffee from Prelude Coffee Roasters (another great local coffee shop!) and the syrups are homemade. The lattes are very smooth tasting, not bitter at all! My personal favorites are the brown sugar or vanilla lattes with oat milk. I’ve never tried any of the drip or black coffee, but I’m positive they’d be delicious!

the Teas

Coffee shop in Okc pink tea almond flavor

Sometimes you want something lighter than a latte. That’s where tea comes in handy! Landing Coffee Company has some great tea options from Urban Teahouse (Another local shop, yay!) available. So far, I have tried the Orchard Apple and the Sweet Almond-it’s a stunning pink color! The teas are very pleasant tasting, and they range from no caffeine to high caffeine. You are also able to add honey if you want any sweetener.

the Food

Okc coffee shop sandwich. the Italian with chips

If you follow Landing Coffee Company on Instagram (you should, BTW), you probably saw that Gracie (the owner) built a new pastry case for the shop! Landing is always cooking up something yummy! They have breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups when it’s the chilly season. They also serve delicious pastries. Here’s what they’ve been known to have: blueberry muffins, banana chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, no-bake cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, lemon crinkle cookies, and chocolate crinkle cookies. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Landing Coffee Company is located at 229 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City. They are open Monday – Friday 7 am-5 pm, Saturday 8 am-5 pm, and Sunday 8 am-2 pm. Paid parking Monday-Friday

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5 thoughts on “OKC Coffee: Landing Coffee Company”

  1. I am all about those oat milk lattes with the brown sugar. They are so good especially when limiting or avoiding dairy.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    Coffee is life and I would never get tired of saying that over and over.
    The coffee culture is something that keeps us sane every day and doesn’t discriminate, nor judge. Congrats on another coffee business in town!

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