10 Reasons to Love Living in OKC

living in OKX

I’m proud to say that I’ve been an Okie for the past twenty-something years. In these recent years, I’ve learned to appreciate my state a lot more. So, let’s take a look at the 10 reasons to love living in OKC.

Low cost of living

Oklahoma City is a great place to live because of its affordability. It has one of the lowest costs of living, with a cost index of 87. The city ranked third on World Population Review’s Cheapest States to Live In 2020. (In comparison, Hawaii is the most expensive state to live with a cost index of 192.9.) Paired with high salaries, a paycheck in Oklahoma can go further than other places. It’s no wonder people are starting to flock to Oklahoma.

An easy place to start a business

If you’re looking to be a business owner, look no further than Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City ranked first on Arizona State’s University’s Ease of doing business. It earned a score of 85.22 in the Doing Business North America 2019 report. (Thank you, capitalism!) You know that it must be accurate. Just look at how quickly the CBD shops popped up after State Question 788 passed. It also ranked 12th in employing workers and fifth in ease of property.

living in OKC

Light traffic and easy driving

 Oklahoma City is laid out like a grid, making it easy to navigate. We also have the turnpike, which allows cars to go up to 70 mph and is rarely crowded. For the most part, the traffic in Oklahoma City rarely gets too bad.  Don’t get me wrong. If I can avoid going out into rush hour traffic, I will. If you live near the interstate or use the turnpike, you can get most places in a flash. I’ve experienced bad traffic. Its name is Los Angeles. Three hours to go 20 miles. No thank you. 

Lots of delicious food options

We have some killer restaurants and coffee shops in OKC. Almost a year and a half ago, I created the Instagram account @oklahoma_foodblogger. I wanted to keep track of what and where I was eating. Running the account helped me discover the many restaurants in OKC. Hey! I’m still learning about new places. Don’t want to take a local foodies word? Bon Appetit named Nonesuch in Midtown the best new restaurant in 2018, beating out places in NYC and LA. You can find any type of food in OKC. We’ve got it all burgers, pizza, ice cream, ramen, sushi, etc (If you want to get some excellent deals, use the Keep It Local card.).

Check out my article on Stitch Cafe!

living in OKC

Romance is in the air

Ah. Romance. Where do you picture? Paris. New York City. Rome. Nope. It’s Oklahoma City. That’s right, cupid has hit Oklahoma City with his arrow. Open Table ranked Oklahoma City as the most romantic city. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you should have no problem finding a romantic spot to eat in our city. Some of my suggestions are Vast (you’ll probably need a reservation), Mary Eddys (they have a great brunch), Paseo Grill, and Sparrow Modern Italian in Edmond.

Great place for jobs

Oklahoma City made Glassdoor’s 25 Best Cities for Jobs 2018 list. (Shout out to capitalism.) It ranked 25th, with a 3.5/5 job satisfaction rate and an average salary of $38,000. Being centrally-located helps drive diverse industries to the area. You’ll find jobs from engineering to public relations. And let’s not forget the many universities in the area. OU, OSU, UCO, OCU, Oklahoma Christian, and OCCC. 

Great Music Scene

This is another one that surprised me. Did you know that Oklahoma City residents love live music? Yep. SeatGeek ranked Oklahoma City as the number one city with the biggest live music fans. Places like the Jones Assembly and Tower Theater will often have concerts. You can check out Travel Ok’s article for some music festivals. Personally, I’m not a huge concert fan, but I may want to check out some of these.

living in OKC

No shortage of things to do.

I used to be one of those people who said there was nothing to do in Oklahoma (If only I had known about the live music scene). An attitude bred in ignorance. We’ve got tons of museums, like the Osteology Museum, the Science Museum and the Museum of Art. We’ve also got activities for anyone wanting something more physical. There’s Top Golf, Dust Bowl Lanes. Places like Scissortail Park or the Myriad Gardens to walk, etc. And if you enjoy watching sports, well, number nine is for you.

Here’s a list of events in March

Something for every type of sports fan

It seems like Oklahoma City has any sport you can think of. We’ve got our pride and joy, the OKC Thunder. There’s also the soccer team the OKC Energy FC. The OKC Barons hockey team. And the minor league baseball team the Dodgers. If you’re a football fan, you can be on OU or OSU’s campus in less than an hour for some Sooner or Cowboy action. And if you want to support your local community, there’s nothing like a high school football game.

Fantastic People

Oklahoma has influences from the South and the Midwest, making it one of the friendliest places in the US. If you spent any time in Oklahoma City, you’ll notice it. Oklahoma ranked 8th in BigTravel7.com’s Friendliest Cities. It even has the nickname the Big Friendly. So, next time you’re wondering what makes Oklahoma City one of the best just remember that it’s all of the awesome people who make 1-10 of this list possible.

What used to seem like just another flyover state has now become one of my favorite talking points. Oklahoma is growing so much and has so much to offer. You’re doing fine Oklahoma!


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