3 Amazing Roasted Chickpea Recipes

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I recently fell in love with roasted chickpeas. I was walking down the aisles at Target when I came across these Haberno roasted chickpeas. I’m obsessed with adding them to popcorn! I decided to attempt to make 3 different roasted chickpea recipes. I even made a YouTube video for it. You can view it here. Go ahead and like the video and subscribe to my channel while you’re at it!

For my first round of roasted chickpeas, I made maple cardamom, Italian spice, and dill pickle. My personal flavor is the dill pickle. I’ve recently been loving all things dill!

Let’s get started with roasting our chickpeas!

Dry roast

The first step to roasting chickpeas is to do a dry roast. Preheat your oven to 375. Take a can of chickpeas-also called garbanzo beans-and drain them. After you do that spread them out on a baking sheet. Don’t worry about putting any oil on them. The dry roast is going to help ensure that the chickpeas become crunchy. You will roasted the chickpeas for 30 minutes


After you’ve dry roasted your chickpeas, you’ll remove them from the oven. Keep the oven turned on because we are going to stick the chickpeas back in. You’ll want to separate the chickpeas into three bowls if you want to make all three flavors. Next, you’ll add about a tablespoon of olive oil to each of the bowls. Be sure to cover the chickpeas with olive oil.

The first time I made this chickpeas I did not add enough seasoning. It is really hard to overdo it on the flavor, so don’t worry about adding too much!

Maple Cardamom Seasoning

One of my favorite coffee shops in Oklahoma, Elemental Coffee, has a ginger cardamom cream pie. It is amazing, and I have been in love with cardamom since the first bite! If you don’t like cardamom, you could use ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg. The possibilities are endless!

Add a tablespoon of maple syrup, or enough to lightly cover the chickpeas. Next, add a little bit of salt. This will help balance out the sweet. Finally add the cardamom or whatever spices you want. I used about a tablespoon. Just make sure the chickpeas are well covered.

Dill Pickle Seasoning

This was my favorite chickpea flavoring. Like I mentioned earlier, I have recently become a big fan of all things dill. It’s a super refreshing herb! Perfect for summertime! You’ll need a lemon, salt, black pepper, dill, and garlic.

Squeeze lemon over the chickpeas, adding enough to lightly cover. Season liberally with dill and garlic. Lightly add salt and pepper.

Italian Seasoning

You could add cheese to this one and call it pizza seasoning, but I decided to keep it dairy free!

I tried to keep these as simple as possible, so I used Bragg’s 24 Herbs & Spices Seasoning. Again, be sure to apply the seasoning liberally. You really can’t over do it! I also added a little bit of salt, black pepper, and garlic.

If you wanted to add cheese, sprinkle some on after baking the chickpeas the second time.

The Final Bake

Your chickpeas are almost ready! Are you excited? You’ve seasoned your chickpeas now just add them back on your pan and roasted them at 375 for an additional ten to fifteen minutes.

When they’re done take them out and enjoy!

Ways to eat

There are so many ways to enjoy your chickpeas. You can eat them on their one. You can add it to popcorn or salads. You could even add the maple cardamom one to a bowl of ice cream to add some texture. The possibilities are endless!

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